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Looking for the best Mexican cuisine you can get without an 8 hour flight to Mexico City? Come to Mi Otra Casa - Michelada House Restaurant! Featuring the finest of homemade, authentic Mexican food and a large menu, there's always something new to try!

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Our Story

A Tribute to Jenni Rivera

A Chilango family has captured the attention of lots of customers in Queens.


Guadalupe Ramos Nueva York.-


Jenniamors, Revolcada or La Malquerida, are some of the names of the Mexico DF’s specialty snacks sold at “Mi Otra Casa” restaurant, which its creator is Sonia Díaz, who last summer started to sell the typical hot-spiced fruits in Roosevelt Avenue, but due to its extreme sales success they were “constantly removed” from the sales spots. “Reason why she named the Malquerida (the ‘Bad/Unwanted’) to one of her creations”. She told me “they were not appreciated in the area cause they were selling a lot” recalled José Luis Diaz, the restaurant owner and Sonia’s brother. Almost two years from the restaurant’s opening the day, the entrepreneur said he feels now he can relax, because at the begging he got to sleep only one or two hours a day, and now he can enjoy the success he has got, which he counted up his family’s support to sustain it.  “Without the support of my sisters I feel I couldn’t be able to make it, I wouldn’t even last three months without them” he assured.

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He clarified that her sister’s idea was to do something different and unique, starting with the hot-spiced fruits (with chamoy and chile piquin). Later she baptized every fruit creation with some titles honoring Jenni Rivera, artist which the whole family admires, and the most of the patrons sings their songs in the Karaoke evenings that started her sister Nancy Diaz.


With no shadow of doubt, La Malquerida is one of the most demanded creations, a watermelon filled up with 8 different fruits, garnished with mango, cucumber, strawberry, grapes and cherries, all sprinkled with home-style chamoy, chile piquin and lime juice.  The patrons come to ask for the Malquerida as much in the day as in the evening, expalined the enterpreneur, who detailed that he did create La Chupitos, a pineapple filled with fruits with a cherry in the bottom. “Being original y creative makes the difference” he assured. The Sprinkled Cucumbers (Pepinos Escarchados) is what they offer to Latinos who want to taste one of the prepared fruits Mexico City’s Style. “In Mi Otra Casa restaurant the offered menu is what you can find in the Mexico’s City tianguis (mobile ethnic markets) for them to experience to be there” assured Díaz, who has been residing for 25 years in the USA.


Photo: Guadalupe Ramos 20/marzo/2015.


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Mi Otra Casa Michelada House - Interior.jpg
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Watch here the Al Rojo Vivo capsule about our restaurant and our creations honoring Jenni Rivera!

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Watch here 10 of the many dishes we offer in our extensive menu here in Queens!

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